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Application to mirror the screen and audio of your Mac to a Roku Streaming Player, Roku Streaming Stick or Roku TV.
To check if your local network is good enough for screen mirroring, please download the FREE trial version here: http://bit.ly/RokuMirror
In using the app, there will be a about 2 to 3 seconds of latency (lag). So this mirroring is not suitable for gaming. 
However, it is very suitable for watching movies, giving presentations, watching photos, and much more!
The quality of your experience will be dependent on the quality of your local network. Some tips to enhance the experience:
1. Restart your router. Just take out the power plug, wait 10 seconds and put it back in. This resets your router and will make your home network faster and more stable. Why this works? Routers are in essence little computers, with software. Software will have small memory leaks and some processes will stop working correctly over time. That’s why it is a good idea to reset your router once in a while. Our recommendation: once a week. 
2. Don’t do network intense work while screen mirroring. As explained, screen mirroring is network intense. For the best performance, don’t do other network intense work at the same time. This includes making timemachine backups over the network and uploading/downloading large files from the internet while screen mirroring.
3. Put your Mac and your Roku on the same router channel. Some routers (dual band) have create both a 2.4Ghz and a 5Ghz wireless network. For the best performance, put your Mac and your TV on the same network. Preferably the 5Ghz network. But definitely not the Mac on 5Ghz and the TV on 2.4Ghz, because that will negatively impact the performance of screen mirroring.
4. Use an AC or N router. Newer routers support Wifi AC and N. Older routers might only have Wifi B and/or G. B and G are not really up to scratch anymore for modern networking tasks, so go for an AC or N router. If your router supports AC and N, also make sure that your router is set to use either the Wifi N or Wifi AC networking. 
How the app works:
After launching the app, you will see the app icon appearing in the top bar of your Mac. Click on the icon and you will see a list of options:
Here we scan your home network for connected Roku devices. When a Roku is found in the same network as your Mac, it will be listed here. To start mirroring, select the Roku from this list.
Under Displays, you will see all your screens. The primary screen of your Mac, or, when you have another monitor connected, you will see that screen as well. Please select the screen that you would like to have mirrored on your Roku.
Enable Audio: you can choose whether you would like to hear the audio on your Mac or through the speakers of your TV.
When you are experiencing performance issues with the app, it might be because your local network is not coping with the video data that we are sending from your Mac to your Roku. You can select a lesser quality network and try again.
If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please send us an e-mail or post a message on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mirror-for-Roku-1825903351005543/
When you like the app, please don't forget to give it a positive rating! Thanks in advance from the AirBeamTV development team!
Please give us feedback by mailing to [email protected]

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