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Mine Brief Introduction


 "Mine" is a personal windows application toolkit, it is “small size" and "green". Mine design idea is "start small" to solve the practical problems, in order to allow everyone to do things more smoothly, more liking.

At present, Mine has released 3 modules: "Doing My Things", "Caring My Eyes" and "Shutdown My PC". These modules can be used together (Unified Mine interface), also can shield the modules that you do not want to use, only keep the modules you want.

MiniBudy will produced a series of functional modules of "Mine", this is to say: more and more modules of Mine will be released in the future.

About the fee of Mine, some modules are required registration fee, and some are free. But all of the modules have a month free trial, if satisfactory, welcome to use the registered version.

Main Features Brief Introduction:

[Sub-Modules of Mine]:

    Doing My Things: A personal tool for daily task management.

    Caring My Eyes: A small tool for caring our eyes, it will care our eyes by a settable screen saver.

    Shutdown My PC: A tool for timing shutdown, restart, logoff, lock computer, turn off monitor.

[Mine Global Settings of Mine]:

    Boot Automatically Activated: Automatically start or not.

    Close To System Tray: When click close button, quit or to tray.

    Minimize To System Tray: When click minimize button, minimize to taskbar or to tray.

    Login Password Setting: Set a login password or not.

    Global Font Size Set: Select small or middle or large font.

    Global Language Set: Select the language of Mine.

    Data Save Folder: Select data save folder.



Caring My Eyes (Module of Mine)


“Caring My Eyes” module can used to the crowd working long hours in front of the computer, it can lock the monitor of the computer enforce user to rest, caring eyes, caring body.


        Manage the screen saver time, enforce lock monitor setting, reminding ahead setting, background music of screen saver.


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