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Video production has always been a challenging task and most software are either too complicated and aimed at profesionnals or too simple not allowing you to create the contents you really need. From the beginning, Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder has been designed to keep a good balance between ease of use and advanced possibilities, allowing you to efficiently produce and use Flash video.

Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder is a Windows application but because it produces video using the Flash format you can be sure that anyone can access your contents, whatever they use a PC (Windows/Linux), a Mac or even other devices such as cell phones and PDAs (without the need to install any codec or software). And of course, you can share your contents on the web, but also on a CD/DVD or using any other kind of file storage.

Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder does not only convert your contents, it can also create a web page to display the video, and you only need to share that page for everybody to be able to access your contents. You do not need any knowledge of Flash, HTML or any other technology, and best of all, you do not need to buy the expensive and complicated Flash authoring tool from Adobe.

While producing Flash video, Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder supports 4 different compression methods (2 audio, 2 video) allowing you to target any kind of audience. It can adapt itself to many different situations, from very low bitrate online video production to very high quality (pure lossless) processing for archiving purposes, for example.

Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder is not the fastest video production software, and there is a good reason for that: it mainly focuses on video quality. Most of the quality control is made internally, but you can still adjust the quality manually if you want to using clear and efficient options such as image filtering.

If for example you plan to share online some video you recorded using an high definition camera, you will likely need to resize your video, and while you’re at it you might want to take the opportunity to crop/pan it. Configuring crop and resize settings is very easy in Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder since you can preview the results in real time.

By default, Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder converts contents from the beginning to the end, but if you need to extract that very important minute from a two hour long video, you can easily define the begin and end positions of the conversion.

Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder supports any type of contents: audio-video, video-only and audio-only, allowing you to produce contents best adapted to you needs.

If you need to watermark your videos in order to protect yourself against piracy, or just because you want to advertise your company, you will find all the options you need in Mediaccurate Flash Video Encoder and all of them are easy to understand/configure, thanks to the real time preview.

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