MaxiVista v4 - Professional Edition


Use your laptop as a second monitor!
MaxiVista can turn your spare Laptop or Tablet PC into an extra monitor for your primary PC.
Toolbars and program windows can be moved and extended across both screens as as if it were one big monitor. No more switching back and forth between overlapping windows – Your productivity will be increased instantly.
Keyboard/Mouse Switch
MaxiVista also allows you to control up to four computers from one single keyboard and mouse – Just move the mouse cursor to the computer you would like to control.
Clipboard Sharing
Files, bitmaps, formatted text and other type of data can be easily shared between all computers. Whatever you copy to the standard Windows clipboard is available in all other computer’s clipboard as well.
Windows Vista/7 compatible with 32/64 bit support
MaxiVista v4 is Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible. The drivers are digitally signed and support 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Please note, that Aero is disabled while MaxiVista is being used. Aero is automatically re-actived if MaxiVista is diabled.

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