Matrix ActiveX Component 3.1 Advanced II


The Matrix ActiveX Component� (MaXC�) is a robust and scaleable tool that can simplify the use of matrix operations for mathematical computations in application development.
Implementing even a simple matrix math operation in your application requires that a matrix algorithm be developed, coded and extensively tested to ensure that it behaves properly under all circumstances.
MaXC does this for you. By delivering all the speed, numerical stability, robustness and scalability one could ask for, MaXC significantly reduces development time and allows you to focus your time and effort on delivering to the actual goals of your application.
MaXC uses an object-oriented approach to matrix mathematical computation and provides you with the Matrix and CMatrix Classes containing all the Properties and Methods that you’ll need to deploy your numerical exploration. High-performance matrix calculation is no longer limited to mainframe computers running Fortran libraries. MaXC brings these functions to your desktop application, no matter how complex your needs! Whether you are developing a statistical package, seeking fast 3D graphics transformations, or looking to solve simultaneous equations, multivariate linear regressions, or Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors problems, MaXC can do all of this and more!

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