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Marine Software Suite is a user-friendly Draught Survey, Lashing Calc and Marine Navigator software for Marine Surveyors and Ships Officers. Marine Software Suite is easily operated using either mouse or keyboard. It complies with the latest UNECE standards and MSC "Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing" (2003 Edition) (Annex 13) for Draught Surveying and can print to all standard printer types. Marine Software Suite consists of three parts: Draught Survey, Lashing Calc, Marine Navigator.

Draught SurveyDraught Survey calculations software for Merchant Navy.

Features of the Draught Survey:

  • Two modes of calculation – AUTO or MANUAL.
  • To receive necessary accuracy of calculation it is necessary to enter only 30 lines of values into the Hydrostatic Table which correspond to various condition of a vessel (boat, craft, ship). Intermediate values (corresponding to actual mean draught of a vessel) will be received by interpolation.
  • Initial Survey with calculation of constant and full report and saving to file.
  • Final and/or Intermediate Survey with full report and saving to file.
  • Easy hydrostatic tables interpolator to reduce errors and provide very fast entry of data.
  • Extensive help available throughout the program.
  • Metric surveys.
  • Storage and automatic usage of hull hydrostatic data – especially useful for Surveyors who have regularly calling ships or Ships Officers assigned to one ship.
  • During entry of the Survey you can go back and change any entered value at any time.
  • Produce a one page Report.
  • Entry of Ship Name, Voyage number, etc at start of Survey for ease of use.
  • Export to text file for later printing or editing in your Word processor or transmission by email.
  • Ballast table.

Lashing CalcLashing calculations program for Merchant Navy.

Features of the Lashing Calc:

  • Lashing Calc is a calculation tool for evaluation of semi- and non-standardized securing arrangements.
  • Lashing Calc calculates accelerations and balance of forces in semi- and non-standardized lashing arrangements in accordance with annex 13 to the Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (the CSS code) from IMO.

Marine NavigatorSOLAS Passage Plans and Marine Navigator.

Production of a passage plan prior to departure is a legal requirement. Marine Navigator assists in the preparation of passage plans by allowing you to prepare, calculate and print full featured passage plan.

Features of the Marine Navigator:

  • Course calculations
  • Distance calculations
  • Waypoint editor
  • Route print
  • Route export

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