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When you buy Manga Studio Debut or Manga Studio EX you receive a free version of Anime Studio Debut Studio 6. This item will automatically be added to your shopping cart.  The number 1  Manga software  worldwide  Manga Studio  EX 4   Manga Studio  4 EX has everything that mangakas and cartoon artists could possibly desire. Drawing a Manga and publishing it directly online or preparing it for print has never been easier than with  Manga Studio .   Perfect graphic tablet support creation of different levels inking without gradation mixing colors changing size without losing image quality numerous templates and special effects   Manga Studio  makes drawing Mangas and Comics an intuitive process similar to actually drawing by hand. Your creativity won't be stifled by this  Manga software . To the contrary digital editing promotes an optimum workflow for your Manga creation.   Manga Studio  4 EX comes with many additional effects that make the best out of your characters story line and plot. The palettes and drawing tools trump any 'real' pen collection. Drawing and coloring is no longer a feat with this  Manga software  but simply convenient digital precision work.   Manga Studio  4 EX  the smart  Manga software   Another major advantage of  Manga Studio  4 EX is its import capabilities. You can scan existing sketches convert 2D images via 2 DLT ( 2D Line & Tone) convert 3D objects and transform them professionally with the help of the 3D LT Rendering Feature.  Preintegrated rulers help you achieve the right room perspective and symmetry. Simply choose one and create an immaculate scene with the help of the room dimension feature. Create your own custom moods and motions or integrate existing ones my using templates for speed line and focus line effects.  Anything an illustrator could possibly need to create amazing Mangas is included in  Manga Studio  4 EX. The large online community offers tips and tricks as well as additional content that can be purchased separately. Shortcuts many help functions and especially the developers' passion for the genre make this  Manga software  the perfect solution for quickly and professionally drawing and publishing Mangas and Comics.

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