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For the pictures of your life. Perfectly organized.

Photos and videos contain our memories of vacations, celebrations, people and places. They document our entire lives and tell the story of who we are and with MAGIX Photo Manager 16 Deluxe, you get everything you need to perserve your timeless memories forver.

Correct tiny flaws, add special touches and create great looking slideshows all in your personal Photo Manager. Quickly and eaisly find that picture you've been looking for or edit several pictures at once. The program features image optimiazation correction for sharpness, color filters, perspective and horizontal leveling. You can even use online maps to create travel route animations, combine photos to make panorama images and link GPS coordinates to a map.

1. Organize
Sort photos and videos with the help of intelligent filters or according to category, e.g. vacations.
2. Optimize
Improve the quality of your digital photos with elegant solutions, tools and templates.
3. Present
Present your pictures online on Flickr or create slideshows and photo books on your PC.

Enjoy high-quality photo correction features

Sharpen your images Add color filters
Correct perspective distortion Apply horizontal leveling

Create modern effects

Panorama pictures
Combine up to eight single images to create wonderful panoramas.

Read GPS data
One click is all it takes to show pictures with GPS coordinates on a map.
Travel route animation
Use online maps of the world to show the most important highlights of your vacation.
RAW files
Supports a variety of original camera formats (raw data formats).

The most important features:

  • Intelligent filter feature for quick access
  • Describe your images with names, locations, events and ratings
  • Quick image optimization – with batch processing
  • Automatic categorization based on image contents
  • Regular backups of image database
  • Password protection for archive
  • Create your own slideshows
  • Travel route animation
  • For a full list of features, click here

Enjoy your photo collection perfectly orgainzed today!

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