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Produce and record music and perform it live.

MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live is a further development of the original Music Maker production software and makes it possible for anyone to bring their musical ideas to life – and even perform them live – with no previous experience required. With thousands of sounds from popular genres such as Rock Pop, Techno and Hip Hop, you'll have fun creating every track. And thanks to the new Live Pad mode, you can record, produce, perform and improvise your very own music on the fly.

1. Produce beats
Unlimited tracks. Discover unlimited possibilities. Drag & drop to arrange loops, play the virtual pads or compose your own melodies with the MIDI editor.
2. Record songs
Record in studio quality. Simply connect a microphone, the hardware controller or the MAGIX keyboard to start recording songs.
3. Master tracks
The professional Mastering Suite and the new effects area allow for music production at the highest level of innovation.

Make the world your stage with the new Live Pads.

Produce and perform 
Just select one of the loop sets, and then play and record in realtime using the keyboard, the MAGIX Audio Remote app or the MAGIX USB pad controller.

16 virtual pads
Perform on 16 virtual pads with loop sets that have been developed specifically to work with them. Activate drums, melodies and bass with the press of a button.
7 different pitches
A click is all it takes to adjust the pitch on the premade sounds and samples. No matter which of the 7 pitches you choose, everything will match perfectly.
The USB pad controller and Music Maker 2016 Live have been developed specifically to work with each other and with the Live Pads.

The most important features:

  • All features, instruments & sounds from Music Maker 2016
  • Exclusive Live Pad mode for electronic music production
  • Loops & sounds in 6 genres such as Hip Hop & Deep House
  • 15 virtual instruments e.g. Folk, Choir, Jazz Drums
  • New Mastering Suite with Auto Mastering
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • Even more fun
  • For a list of features, click here

Turn up the volume and make the crowd go crazy.


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