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Transform your footage into the perfect video – automatically.

Impress friends and family with a film created from your best camera, smartphone or tablet footage quickly and easily

Fastcut, from MAGIX, features fully automatic video editing so videos can be easily imported to be edited right away. There are dozens of templates to choose from that include background music to fit the mood of your recording. The program can even edit the video to match the beat of the music automatically!  The export function is just as fast with one-click solutions to share your videos directly online – that's why it's called Fastcut.

The fisheye effect from wide-angle shots are quickly edited.
Correct the video alignment of your footage in just one click.
Easily stabilize shaky images from your smartphone or action cam.

Proxy files from your GoPro are used for editing 4K & HD video files
ensuring smooth editing.

The most important features:

  • Inspiring innovation – automatic video editing of your footage
  • 4K export, image stabilization (proDAD Mercalli V2) & distortion correction
  • Dynamic templates with music to fit every mood
  • Remove noise for perfect sound
  • Apply fantastic effects & filters to stand out from the crowd
  • Edit manually
  • Show your video anyway you want – on your TV, mobile, or online
  • Update guarantee: Receive a full year of new features & templates for free via update
  • For a list of all the features, click here


MAGIX now features an update guarantee enabling users to receive all the new program
updates. features and templates FREE for one year – ensuring that users always have the
latest and most up-to-date version of the program at their fingertips.


Summary: video editing, Fastcut, 4K, one year

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