Live Pocket Drums Library


This library is made for those electronic music producers who feel the necessity in vivid grooves. Pocket Drums library gives the unique humanizing effect that cannot be achieved by samplers or synthetic stuff. These loops add some natural sound and give the real acoustic impression. Anyone who heard such artists as Crystal Method, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Pendulum and many others could feel the energy of live drums in electronic music.

All loops of Poket Drums library were recorded and mixed in one sound style, moreover the loops intentionally remain without effects, thus music producer can apply any specific processing to his taste (compression, distortion, reverberation etc.)

– 333 sample files
– 4 categories ( Drum Fills, Full Drums, Hi-hats, Toms)
– 2 formats: wav and rex2
– 4 tempos ( 90bpm, 128bpm, 150bpm, 160 bpm)
– 580 Mb filesize

Never Expires

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