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Last Days of Old Earth is a turn-based strategy game set in a far future world where the sun is dying. The remnants of humanity must migrate once a generation towards the equator where it is still warm enough to sustain life.

Spiritual successor to the cult classic PC game Armageddon Empires, Last Days of Old Earth invites you to become the leader of the human Skywatchers or the robotic Automata, two fundamentally opposed factions. In a hostile environment, where natural resources are almost depleted, you must fight your way to survive for one more turn. With scarcity goes rivalry, and only the law of the wild applies in this icy and desolate world.

Concepts: Earth, Sun, Equator, Natural environment, Latitude, Equinox, Wargaming, Video game genres


  • /science/weather
  • /law, govt and politics
  • /society/unrest and war

Tags: fundamentally opposed factions, turn-based strategy game, game Armageddon Empires, Old Earth, Video game genresCategories, human Skywatchers, desolate world.Concepts, robotic Automata, future world, Spiritual successor, hostile environment, wild applies, natural resources, Natural environment, equator, scarcity, govt, icy, remnants, rivalry, sun, Equinox, Latitude, Wargaming, humanity, cult, generation, life, classic, PC, leader, law, way

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