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Label Mix is simplified software with advanced facilities for designing and printing great looking labels:
  • Postal mailing address labels
  • CD labels, envelopes
  • Postcards, business cards
  • Name badges, signs
  • Barcodes
  • Packing labels
  • Clothing labels
  • Decorative labels
  • Virtually all kinds of label or cards
Label Mix can also be used to compute, design and print most common types of barcode systems: EAN 8, EAN 13, UPCA, UPCE 0, CODE 39, EAN 128A, EAN 128B, EAN 128C, CODE 39 EX, CODE 93, CODE 93 EX, CODABAR, INTER_25, INDUS_25, MATRIX_25, CODE 11, MSI, POSTNET, CODE 128A, CODE128B, CODE 128C. 2D PDF417
Label Mix not only generates the barcodes, but also create labels you can print as stickers. The designer tools facilitate barcode editing such as color, size and orientation as well as label features like image support and text options.
Label Mix comes with advanced database manager you can use to create and manage your own database, where you can store and extract data to be used in your labels. There is no limit to the number of tables you can create and there is no limit to the amount of records you can store in the tables. You can also modify or/and delete tables as you deem fit.
Label Mix, apart from direct printing, will save your labels and barcodes as images rather than fonts – which helps to avoid distortion in the event of font driver corruption. In addition, all information about finished barcodes are stored as back-up in a special storage table as raw data for future use.
Label Mix  can read and import data from external sources and/or contacts data from your mail programs – Outlook, Outlook Express directly to your customizable database and use for your labels. Label Mix does it all.
Label Mix – complete low-cost solution to business labeling needs.
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