Kingsoft Office 2010 Corporate Single Site License Ultimate upto 2000 PCs

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Key Features of Kingsoft Office 2010:

  • Present your document more easily
    You may find Kingsoft Office 2010 is easy to use to create your ideal content by using familiar menus and toolbars in Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation as well as Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
  • Communicate with your client easily
    Kingsoft Office 2010 can successfully open, read or edit documents in Microsoft formats and vice versa. It helps you to boost business and productivity effectively.
  • Support various operating systems
    No matter your computer is running an old version of operating systems or the latest Windows 7, Kingsoft Office 2010 will run on various operating systems smoothly without any worries.
  • Built in PDF Output
    By saving cost and time, you can convert your document to PDF file with just one-click button.
  • Lightest file size, fastest operation
    Kingsoft Office 2010 occupies little computer memory (approximately 56MB) but runs effectively. It minimizes installation time to 3 minutes to get installation done.
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