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Keyword Examiner is a piece of software designed to take hours off your keyword research for search engine optimisation (SEO). It is built on the principle that when selecting target keywords, it is important to understand how many visitors each keyword is likely to generate balanced with how competitive each possible keyword is, based on important SEO criteria. Keyword Examiner offers three measures of competitiveness, more than any other keyword research tool on the market: * – Exact Match: The keyword or phrase appearing in the content of the page * – In Title: The keyword appearing in the title tag of the page * – In Anchor: The keyword appearing in the anchor (link) text pointing to the page The logic is that the fewer pages that match each of these criteria, the easier it will be to obtain first page or top positions for the keyword if you optimize your page for that keyword. Keyword Examiner uses the search volume data from the Google AdWords keyword tool, allows you to choose which keywords you want to analyze, then automatically performs the searches on Google to obtain the exact match, in title and in anchor results. This is a job that would normally take hours! You can then export the full list of keywords and data analysis to a spreadsheet to save for the future or analyze further. Keyword Examiner works for any country in the world, as long as Google and AdWords support that country.

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