Kernel for PDF Repair Kernel Sidewise Discount 15%


Kernel for PDF Repair software is compatible with every version of PDF file and does not require Adobe Acrobat to be installed on the system. It can easily fix PDF corruption issues and rebuild them to bring the data back to working condition with its data and properties. Corruption and damage issues related with PDF files can be dealt easily with this software without data loss or file properties.

Summary: PDF files, Adobe

Concepts: Portable Document Format, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Systems, Ghostscript, File format, JavaScript, PostScript, Adobe Creative Suite


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Tags: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Creative SuiteCategories, PDF corruption issues, PDF Repair software, Portable Document Format, Adobe Systems, PDF files, PDF file, damage issues, data loss, politics/legal issues/technology, file properties.Summary, File format, govt, Ghostscript


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