Kernel for MBOX to PST - Corporate License Kernel Data Recovery


Are you in need of MBOX to PST conversion as you are switching over your to MS Outlook from MBOX email client? To convert MBOX to PST, you can use Kernel for MBOX to PST. This tool is very user-friendly and is available as free evaluation version. You can the free version to perform a trial MBOX to PST migration. The trail version can convert only 25 items from each folder. To save all the items, you need to purchase the full version.

Concepts: E-mail, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook Express


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Tags: MBOX email client, trial MBOX, PST conversion, PST migration, free evaluation version, Microsoft Exchange Server, MS Outlook, Outlook ExpressCategories, Microsoft Outlook, computing/internet technology/email/technology, trail version, free version, items, folder, Kernel, tool, version.Concepts, E-mail, computing/mp3, midi/technology, computing/software/shareware


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