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Protecting all your connected devices – the one-licence, easy���to���use solution

Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device gives you the freedom to enjoy the Internet to its full potential on a range of devices.  With just one licence you can easily set up protection for the following:

  • PCs
  • Macs
  • Android smartphones
  • Android tablets



Delivering security you can ‘mix and match’ to suit the devices you use

Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device is the convenient way to secure virtually any combination of your devices: 

  • For example, with a five-device licence you could protect:

    • 1 x desktop, 2 x laptops and 2 x Android smartphones, or
    • 2 x Android smartphones, 2 x Android tablets and 1 x Mac
  • Whatever combination of devices you use, each one will be protected by Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning security technologies.
  • Throughout your licence period, you can change which devices are protected – moving your protection from one device to another.



Optimising protection, performance and usability for each device

PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones all have different security requirements.  In one simple, flexible security solution, Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device provides:

  • Protection features that are optimised for each type of device
  • Security technologies that help to  maintain performance levels on each device
  • Easy-to-use interfaces appropriate to each device


Providing real-time protection against all new and emerging malware and Internet threats

Whether you’re using your PC, Mac, Android smartphone or tablet, Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device ensures:

  • All applications and files that you open, save or download from the Web are immediately scanned.
  • Potential threats are monitored and analysed in real time and dangerous actions are prevented before they can cause harm.



Securing data on your missing Android device – with premium anti-theft protection

If your Android smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen, Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device provides remotely-operated features to help:

  • Protect the personal information that’s on your device – by blocking your device, wiping data from it, sounding an alarm and taking photos of unauthorised users
  • Find the location of your missing Android smartphone or tablet

Key Features

Recognised for their world-class anti-malware and Internet security expertise, Kaspersky’s research & development teams have developed a vast array of innovative features to secure every device that’s protected by Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device:


  • Windows PCs
  • Macs
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets




Windows PC Protection

Sophisticated computer viruses and complex Internet threats can compromise the security of your PC and your valuable, personal information.

Kaspersky’s award-winning security technologies protect your PC against all types of malware and Internet-based threats, including cybercrime attacks that try to steal your money or your identity.



Main features

  • Anti-malware protection for PCs – against computer viruses, worms, Trojan viruses, spyware, rootkits, bots… and more
  • Real-time, cloud-assisted protection against new and emerging malware and Internet threats
  • Safe Money – adds another layer of security for your money when you’re online banking or shopping
  • Web protection – including anti-phishing and anti-spam protection, plus Kaspersky URL Advisor to check for dangerous links
  • Virtual Keyboard technology lets you use mouse clicks to enter passwords and other sensitive data so it can’t be intercepted by keyloggers or identity thieves
  • Secure Keyboard – prevents keyloggers from accessing data you enter using your PC’s physical keyboard
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention – helps to prevent malware exploiting vulnerabilities in the operating system or applications
  • Trusted Applications Mode – gives you the option of only running applications that have been assessed by Kaspersky and regarded as ‘trusted’
  • System Watcher – detects dangerous behaviour on your PC and enables rollback of most types of malicious action
  • Optimised antivirus databases – help to minimise the impact on PC performance and reduce update times
  • Protection against screen lockers – defends against Blocker Trojan viruses that may try to hold your system hostage
  • Advanced Parental Control technologies – help to keep kids safe on the Internet
  • Optimised for Windows 8


Mac Protection

Because Macs are becoming increasingly popular, more cybercriminals are targeting Mac users – to steal their data, identities and money – and the volume of Mac malware continues to grow.

Kaspersky delivers real-time protection against Mac malware and guards your Mac against Internet-based threats and cybercrime.


Main features

  • Anti-malware protection for Macs – against computer viruses, Trojan viruses, worms, spyware, bots… and more
  • Malware protection – to prevent your Mac from passing PC malware to your family’s, friends’ or colleagues’ PCs
  • Real-time, cloud-assisted protection against new and emerging malware and Internet threats
  • Advanced Parental Control technologies – help to keep children safe on the Internet
  • Web protection – including enhanced anti-phishing, plus Kaspersky URL Advisor to check for dangerous links
  • Virtual Keyboard technology lets you use mouse clicks to enter passwords and other sensitive data – so it can’t be intercepted by keyloggers or identity thieves
  • File Antivirus – scans for the presence of malware when you open, save or run a file
  • Email and download security – scans downloaded files, email text and attachments on http-based web pages
  • Mac-style interface – for a familiar, intuitive user experience
  • Support for the latest OS X versions
  • Support for all Retina display requirements
  • Optimised for minimal impact on the performance of your Mac


Android Smartphone and Tablet Protection

When you connect them to the Internet, your Android smartphone and Android tablet are just as vulnerable as your computer.  In addition, it’s all too easy to lose your phone or tablet – and all the personal information stored on it.

Kaspersky’s latest mobile security technologies protect Android smartphones and tablets against malware and Internet security threats – and help to secure your personal information if your device is lost or stolen.



Main features

  • Anti-malware protection for Android devices – against viruses, spyware, Trojan viruses, bots… and more
  • Real-time, cloud-assisted protection against new and emerging Internet threats
  • Anti-Theft Protection – to lock your device, wipe personal data from it and find its location
  • Safe and secure web browsing – blocks dangerous and fraudulent links, including phishing websites
  • URL checking within phone text messages – to tell you if a link is malicious or a phishing attempt
  • Automatic or manual virus scan of any applications you download or install
  • Call & Text Filter for phones – to help ensure you only receive the calls and text messages you want to receive
  • Privacy Protection – to prevent people seeing details of your private communications if they pick up your phone
  • Optimised for minimal impact on the performance of your Android devices




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