IT Professional's Guide to Policies and Procedures - Solid, straightforward and effective Guide to IT Policies and Procedures - 103 sources for Better Written Policies and Procedures


The Art of Service’s IT Professional’s Policies and Procedures are their most popular products, this huge Guide is their newest and most complete edition to add to your IT library. The templates will help you create your own policies, guidelines, and forms that are relevant to your organization.
This massive, updated edition includes guidelines and tools for Creating Policies, Values, Vision and Mission Statements, Recruitment, Training and Development, Information Security, Data Rentention Policies, Email and Internet Usage policies, Instant Messaging Policies, Change Management, Managing Risk, Travel and Expenses — all in one Guide.
Now it’s simple and quick to implement the policies and procedures you need!
There are a total of 103 documents in this toolkit. They are broken up in to nine relevant chapters that contain policy and process information on specific areas, such as Information Security policies, Email and Internet Usage policies etc. all supporting Planning, Process improvement, Services Delivery and Continuous Improvement.
Put this expanded edition in your IT library and have 103 templates to help you create customized policies, guidelines, tools, and forms that are relevant, accessible, and usable. Whether youre creating policies for management, training, personnel, support, privacy, Internet/e-mail usage, security, or data and service management  you’ll meet the needs of your entire organization with this one Guide!

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