ISO 9001 Quality Manual for Software Developers


Small companies often achieve poor results with software development projects. Typical problems are: cost overruns, schedule delays, and product or process performance deficiencies. What is required is a commitment to an effective software development process which includes configuration management, training, and support to make it effective in your company. When you install our documented ISO 9001 compliant system in your small business, you will be able to gain control of your software development process, quickly and at a reasonable cost. You will receive a sensible and flexible ISO 9001 compliant quality manual, 20 associated procedures, and 32 forms/templates which, when implemented in your business, will significantly strengthen your software development process (including configuration management). You will find that your defect rates and costs are reduced to a minimum, and follow-up time will be minimal. We have developed a software quality assurance system, which is easily customized for small businesses. We have eliminated the bureaucratic approach commonly found in many large companies. Our software quality assurance system is sensible and flexible and an excellent fit in today’s continuously changing business environment.

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