ISO 9001 Quality Manual for Services


ISO 9000 certification is a growing trend as customers require it. Companies also are beginning to realize that the process it represents is an excellent way to assure their products will be of high quality and that their customers will be satisfied. Limited resources prevent many small businesses from establishing a quality system. Part of the problem is not knowing what is really required. Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. can help. We have developed a quality system which is easily customized for small businesses in a broad range of industries. We have eliminated the bureaucratic approach commonly found in many large companies. Our pre-written ISO 9001 compliant quality manual satisfies ISO 9001:2008 requirements and includes 22 associated procedures and 34 forms, which you customize specifically for your needs. This manual will save you months of documentation time, significantly reducing your costs. Best of all, due to its unique design, your manual can be uploaded to your company web site and viewed through a web browser or any Smartphone with an internet account. You can collaborate with your customers, suppliers, and team members anywhere in the world.

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