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Transfer Media Files from iPhone/iPad/iPod to Mac

  • Copy music from iPhone, iPod, iPad to Mac and iTunes Library.
  • Transfer any photo you captured, downloaded from the Internet, even synced from iTunes to Mac.
  • Export videos from iPhone, iPad, iPod to Mac and iTunes Library.
  • Copy playlists, even smart playlists to Mac with tunes.

1 Click to Copy Music from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes Library

  • 1 click to copy all songs to iTunes Library – it will automatically filter out all the existing songs already on your iTunes Library, avoiding any duplicate generated.
  • Selected songs and playlists to iTunes Library – check the songs/playlists and click "Export to iTunes Library". The rating, play counts, and artwork will be copied to iTunes Library at the same time.

Copy Media Files to iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes Library

  • Copy Media Files from Mac to iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Convert Videos and Songs to Fit on Apple Device

Backup and Manage Media Files

  • One-click Backup Files to iTunes
  • Manage Songs, Videos, and Photo Albums

Convert iPhone Live Photos to GIF

  • Keep Live Photos Live – Save Live Photos as GIF Images

Convert Videos and Photos to GIF Images

  • Convert Videos and Photos on Apple devices/Computer to GIF. Besides converting iPhone 6s Live Photos to GIF images, TunesOver allows you to convert all photos and videos on iPhone, iPad and iPod to GIF images. Photos and videos in MP4 and MOV formats on computer can be converted to animated GIF images too.

Support Apple Devices Fully

  • Fully compatible with iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5

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