iSkysoft Phone Transfer

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Easy yet powerful Phone to Phone Transfer for iOS, Android, Symbian

  • Apps
  • Calendar
  • Call Log
  • Contacts
  • Music
  • Photos
  • SMS
  • Video

Phone to Phone Transfer Data between Android, iPhone (iPhone SE, iPhone 6S included), BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian

  • This powerful phone transfer for Windows (Windows 10 included) is specially designed for transferring contents between mobile phones running iOS, Android and Nokia Symbian OS. It is compatible with the new iOS 9.1, iOS 8.1, iTunes12.3.1, iTunes 12.1 and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Backup and Restore Phone Data without Quality Loss

  • Secured Back up Your Phone Data – iSkysoft Phone Transfer is not just a phone to phone transfer tool, but also a backup tool that allows you to backup phone data to your computer safe and secured.
  • 1 Click Restore from Backups – Easily restore backups to your new phone in one click. Support restore from multiple backup modes, including iTunes backup, iCloud backup, phone transfer backup, Samsung Kies backup and BlackBerry backup.

1 Click Transfer Data between Windows Phone, Android, iOS and BlackBerry

  • Transfer contacts, music, photos and videos from Windows Phone to Android, iOS and other devices.
  • Transfer music, videos and photos from Android, iOS, and other devices to Windows Phone.
  • Backup Windows Phone contacts, photos, music and videos to PC.
  • Restore music, videos and photos from iTunes, iCloud and BlackBerry backup to Windows Phone.
  • Restore contacts from OneDrive to Windows Phone, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Support for 3,500+ Phones and Different Networks

  • iOS

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