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100% Permanently Erase All Data and Deleted Data with Unrecoverable

  • It can securely erase messages, log in information, browser history, cache data, photos, music, videos and more files from your devices with 100% unrecoverable. You can recycle, donate, or sell your iPhone no worry about exposing your private information.

Secure Personal Information

  • iSkysoft Data Eraser can help you erase all private data on your iPhone (iPhone SE, iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus), iPad, iPod and Android to secure your personal information.

Clean Junk Files, Speed Up Your Phone

  • iSkysoft Data Eraser allows you to delete unnecessary and junk files from your devices in only 1 click. So you can clean up your iPhone (iPhone SE, iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus), iPod, iPad and Android to free up storage and speed up your devices.
  • With feature of files compressor, iSkysoft Data Eraser helps you to compress files and save space for your devices with quality lossless.

Permanently Overwrite Deleted Files

  • Factory reset or simple delete cannot remove the data on your phones completely. They can be recovered with data recovery tools. iSkysoft Data Eraser protects your private data and allows you to permanently erase deleted files on your iPhone (iPhone SE included), iPod Touch, iPad and Android.

More Than Erasing Data on iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android

  • iSkysoft Data Eraser can erase your iPhone and Android with 5 data erasing modes. Erase All Data can delete everything on iPhone and Android. With Erase Deleted Data, you can clean up iPhone by removing all previously deleted data. You will have other options including Erase Private Data, Photo Compressor and Express Cleanup.

Supported Devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Android

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