Interactive Dinosaurs Encyclopedia & Data Dig


Interactive Dinosaurs Encyclopedia & Data Dig: A content-intensive, media-rich dinosaur reference.
At the core of DataDig’s huge knowledgebase is a highly-detailed data file of (currently) 115 well-known non-avian dinosaurs. The 38 fields of each record cover every aspect of a genera’s name and species, its physical features, phylogenetics and classification, lifestyle and biology, the when and where of its existence and its representation in modern culture. All fields can be expanded and contracted allowing longer entries to contain very detailed information. Users can browse in three modes including one based on its life restoration while powerful software functions allow records to be cherry-picked for comparison, sorted by any of 18 fields and interogated by simple to complex search queries.
An enormous glossary of 1,500+ hypertext definitions explains and illuminates the terms found in its records, scaffolding a user’s understanding and engagement. DataDig Live, a suite of Internet resources, references and tools pulls into DataDig genera-specific link libraries and online materials through Google’s many Internet services.
This is but some of the content and it’s all wrapped in a package that allows you to skin your software using visual themes based on famous dinosaur digs while enveloped in evocative Mesozoic soundscapes. We take care of the basics too including the ability to print and export text and pictures and options for spelling and measurement standards.
Interactive Dinosaurs Encyclopedia & Data Dig is an essential reference and digital sandbox for anyone with an interest in, and passion for, dinosaurs.

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