IntegralUI Web - Enterprise 17.2

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IntegralUI Web  a suite of advanced UI components for Angular 2 and AngularJS. Includes the following components:

  • Accordion – Displays a list of expandable groups in vertical or horizontal layout
  • ComboBox – Advanced version of standard ComboBox element
  • ContextMenu – Represents a shortcut menu
  • Frame – Places a grip handle that allows you to resize a container during run-time
  • Grid – Displays tabular data sets
  • GroupBox – An expandable container with header and content
  • ListBar – Displays a list of expandable groups with items
  • ListBox – Displays a collection of items with content in custom layouts
  • ListView – Displays a collection of items using several different views
  • Menu – Allows you to create static or dynamic menus
  • Paginator – Allows you to divide the content in multiple views in single page
  • Range – Allows you to set limits in which an element can resize during run-time
  • SlideBar – Animates slides composed of custom content
  • SplitContainer – Consists of movable bar with tabs that divides the container's display area into two resizable panels
  • Splitter – A movable bar that can resize elements during run-time
  • TabStrip – Consists of multiple scrollable panels that share the same space
  • Tooltip – Adds a tooltip to an element
  • TreeList – Allows you to navigate through tree hierarchy showing only one list at a time
  • TreeGrid – Displays hierarchical data structures in multiple columns
  • TreeView – Displays hierarchical data structures

Summary: data structures

Concepts: Hierarchy, Array data structure, Widgets, Context menu, Graphical user interface, Structure, Tree structure, Menu


  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /technology and computing/programming languages/javascript
  • /technology and computing/electronic components

Tags: hierarchical data structures, Displays hierarchical data, expandable groups, standard ComboBox element, advanced UI components, movable bar, multiple scrollable panels, Array data structure, Graphical user interface, expandable container, shortcut menu, following components, horizontal layout, grip handle, data sets, Advanced version, resizable panels, dynamic menus, single page, custom layouts, different views, tree hierarchy, data structuresConcepts, custom content, multiple views, computing/programming languages/javascript/technology, multiple columns, computing/electronic components, Context menu, Tree structure, list, items, tooltip, collection, ListView, Angular, Animates, TreeView, header, IntegralUI&nbsp, Web&nbsp, suite, AngularJS, Widgets, limits, Grid, Paginator, elements, SplitContainer, area

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