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IntegralUI TreeView for AngularJS is a high performance light-weight native AngularJS directive which allows you to create and modify hierarchical structures on the fly. You can quickly load your data locally, remotely, or on demand. It has multiple methods optimized to quickly update the tree structure and current view.

Here is a feature list:

  • Maintain high performance with fast data loading and updating
  • Fast data loading time, load thousands of items in less than 1 sec
  • Update time is instant, even with large data sets
  • Supports local and remote data binding
  • Load data on demand from local or remote data source
  • Option to show animated icon during loading process
  • Support for AJAX
  • Drag Drop operation within the same TreeView or between multiple TreeViews or other controls
  • During drag drop operations, collapsed items can auto-expand and current view is auto-scrolled
  • Each item can contain icon, label or custom content
  • Multiple events available
  • Option to change space between items
  • Search among items using specific parameters
  • Enables showing of specific item in current view, the view is scrolled if required
  • Option to determine the visibility of TreeView scrollbar
  • Option to set the position of scroll bar
  • Option to add status icon to each item
  • Right to left supported (RTL)
  • Label editing during run-time
  • Multiple selection supported
  • Navigate among tree items using keyboard
  • Built-in themes

Summary: tree structure, 1 sec

Concepts: Hierarchy, Structure, Scrollbar, Web page, Tree structure, Time, Lisa Ling, Slider


  • /technology and computing/programming languages/javascript
  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /technology and computing/mp3 and midi

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