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IntegralUI Grids for AngularJS is a collection of two native AngularJS directives: Grid and TreeGrid and other common directives. Both directives come with high performance during data load and update even with very large data sets. You can create and modify hierarchical data structures in multiple columns on the fly, with fast data load either from local or remote data source. They are fully customizable with option to change their appearance during run-time.

Here is a feature list:

  • High performance during data load and update
  • Can work with huge data sets without pagination
  • Update time is instant, even with large data sets
  • Supports local and remote data binding
  • Load data on demand from local or remote data source
  • Option to show animated icon during loading process
  • Support for AJAX
  • Advanced Drag Drop operation within the same TreeGrid and between other controls
  • Each cell can contain label or custom content
  • Option to add context menu to each column and row
  • Multiple events available
  • Option to change the expanding column
  • Search among items using specific parameters
  • Option to manually set the position of scroll bar
  • Label editing of each cell during run-time
  • Multiple selection supported
  • Navigate among rows and cells using keyboard
  • Built-in themes

Summary: data structures

Concepts: Context menu, Graphical user interface, Column, Drag-and-drop, Row, Binding, Hierarchy, Support


  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /technology and computing/programming languages/javascript
  • /technology and computing/hardware/computer components/disks

Tags: large data sets, remote data source, data load, fast data load, native AngularJS directives, hierarchical data structures, huge data sets, high performance, context menu, Advanced Drag Drop, Graphical user interface, common directives, Load data, option, data structuresConcepts, multiple columns, feature list, Built-in themes, Multiple events, loading process, animated icon, Multiple selection, custom content, scroll bar, specific parameters, computing/programming languages/javascript/technology, computing/hardware/computer components/disks, Label editing, TreeGrid

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