IMonitor EAM Professional 100 computers license

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IMonitor EAM is an application for real time network computer monitoring and content filting, and for employees' work time tracking. IMonitor EAM has the following features: Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's pc & internet activities from one contralized position, such as email, instant message, keystrokes, documents printed, FTP file transfered, websites visited, applications used, etc. You can see live screenshots of multi network computers and take a control of a remote computer by controlling it's mouse and keyboard . log file operations on employee's computer, such as copy, delete, create, rename, open, copy file to removable disk, etc Restrict remote computer's website browsing in all web browser Block game IM or other unwanted application.

Summary: network computer, log file, real time

Concepts: Personal computer, Web browser, Instant messaging, World Wide Web, File Transfer Protocol, Computer network, Internet, Web page


  • /technology and computing/hardware/computer
  • /technology and computing/software
  • /finance/accounting and auditing/billing and invoicing

Tags: IMonitor EAM, real time network, work time tracking, multi network computers, log file operations, Block game IM, File Transfer Protocol, World Wide Web, web browser, content filting, copy file, instant message, FTP file, removable disk, Instant messaging, live screenshots, internet activities, unwanted application.Summary, Web pageCategories, real timeConcepts, employee, keystrokes, Restrict, delete, amp, invoicing, browsing, monitoring, employees, keyboard, following, position, pc, email, documents, control, websites, applications, Personal

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