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Cloud Based, Manage Categories, Schedules, Exceptions, and More
Create User Groups with Distinct Settings
Manage 1 to 1000s of Devices from a single web access page
View Real Time Device Reports
Improve Employee Productivity
Preserve Network Bandwidth
Block access to objectionable websites in the real-time
Impose safe internet browsing practices
Reduce Risk and Liability of Improper Web Use
Block Pornography
Block Websites
Block Adult Content
Block Objectionable Web Content
Real Time Reporting
Block access to forums, gaming zones, chat rooms, and e-mail
Restrict search engines from searching the undesired material
Geolocation for Mobile Devices
SMS Reporting
Call Reporting and Call Blocking
Usage Reports, Blocking Reports
Device Reports
And more…..

Summary: Real Time, Mobile Devices, search engines, pageView

Concepts: Internet, Web browser, World Wide Web, Search engine optimization, Internet pornography, Pornography, Technical communication, File system


  • /technology and computing/internet technology/isps
  • /society/sex/pornography
  • /technology and computing

Tags: Block Objectionable Web, Real Time, Block Adult Content, Block access, Block Pornography, single web access, Real Time Device, Block Websites, World Wide Web, search engines, Search engine optimization, Mobile Devices, objectionable websites, Internet pornography, Distinct Settings, Improper Web, Manage Categories, User Groups, Network Bandwidth, undesired material, Device Reports, Employee Productivity, safe internet, gaming zones, Usage Reports, Web browser, chat rooms, Technical communication, File systemCategories, computing/internet technology/isps/society/sex/pornography/technology, Geolocation, Exceptions, Reporting, Cloud, Schedules, page, SMS, practices, Risk

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