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Allows you to make context-sensitive changes to the image size and aspect ratio by removing "unnecessary" portions yet keeping the "important" features intact. 
Removes objects from photos without visible traces. The best results are achieved against the background of snow, water or greenery.
Important areas can be specially marked. 
Ease to learn and use. Includes stepwise animated demo samples. 
Offers these tools: 
Smart Remove;
Smart Resize;
Smart Patch.

Summary: aspect ratio

Concepts: Aspect ratio, Ratio, Ratios, Size, Remove, Water


  • /technology and computing/software/graphics software
  • /business and industrial/agriculture and forestry/crops and seed
  • /technology and computing/consumer electronics/tv and video equipment/televisions

Tags: aspect ratio, stepwise animated demo, Smart Resize, Smart Remove, context-sensitive changes, aspect ratioConcepts, visible traces, Removes objects, Smart Patch.Summary, image size, specially marked.&nbsp, best results, Important areas, computing/software/graphics software/business, computing/consumer electronics/tv, video equipment/televisions, quot, greenery, Ratios, portions, Ease, snow, important&quot, features, photos, background, water, Offers, tools, Crop, samples.&nbsp, WaterCategories, /technology

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