Image Cartoonizer $10 Cartoonize Summer Discount


Now you will be able to cartoonize your photos from your desktop with our new Image Cartoonizer Desktop Software for Windows. 

You can convert all your images and pictures into cartoon effect more quickly. 

You can convert large photos for best result! 

You can apply multiple adjustments on your photos before converting; you can crop your photo, add color, change the contrast and brightness…



- Cartoonize your personal photos!

Convert more quickly!

Convert large photos for best result!

Convert multiple photos in one click!

Crop function to remove unwanted parts of an image!

Edit your photos before cartoonize them, and add some adjustments!

Cartoonize your photo without "" Watermark!

No other standalone program or software is needed!

No need internet connection!

Support both 32 and 64 bit!


Summary: Desktop Software, 64 bit

Concepts: Image, Photography, Photograph, IMAGE


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