IGS Replicator


IGS Replicator 2.5
IGS Replicator is a replication solution for the interchange of data between the SQL DBMS of most vendors on the market.

An easy-to-use interface relieves you of most of the manual preparations of a replication task.
Intelligent algorithms addresses the tables of the target database in the right order during the insertion process, if desired. You don’t have to worry about that.
IGS Replicator is replicating data
Manually or time-controlled
Of all tables and columns or from a selection of them
Completely or filtered
IGS Replicator analyzes the structure of the databases and displays their contents sorted and related in a clear listing. However, you can change all assignments manually and assign tables and columns freely. You can select and deselect tables and columns for replication and you can define a filter for the source data for each table.
Execute freely definable SQL scripts before, after or within a replication on the server database and / or the target database.
A log file created on demand informs you about the results of a replication.

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