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IDMarkz is a standalone application for Apple’s macOS 10.12 and higher that can open and preview native InDesign files (.indd files) and then convert them to different formats all without InDesign being loaded on your computer. IDMarkz also has some handy desktop workflow features built in so you can open the converted InDesign file in other applications you may use in your everyday workflow.

Following are some of the features IDMarkz will add to your digital toolbox -

  1. An Inspector Panel which is like a light preflight overview of your InDesign document
  2. The ability to export your InDesign document as IDML. PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG or GIF
  3. Ability to open multiple files at one time
  4. Ability to select an application to open your converted file, either manually or as a permanent workflow feature
  5. Normal PDFs have editable text
  6. Allows creation of PDFs from older InDesign files that can be annotated in Acrobat DC and then opened in InDesign CC 2019 and higher to see annotations
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