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ID2Q 2016 Bundle (Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress) offers users a quick and easy way to convert InDesign content into a new QuarkXPress document. This includes the intricate details of all objects of the document such as exact page positioning, color models, fonts and styles, images, as well as precise text attributes. Important items such as Tables, Layers, Blends, Runarounds, Linked Text boxes and Anchored boxes, Pantone colors and other color models are instantly re-created within InDesign. Conversion is enabled within the >Utilities>ID2Q menu. The unequaled performance and accuracy of this award-winning conversion technology saves countless hours of scanning or re-keying and formatting legacy documents.

Supported Applications
    •     Runs on QuarkXPress 10, 2015, 2016 & 2017 Mac
    •     Converts Adobe InDesign v1.5, v2.0 and CS through CC 2017 files

    •     Repurposes legacy content from InDesign files
    •     Preserves content, pages, layers, look and feel
    •     Quick & Easy to use

Summary: Adobe

Concepts: Adobe InDesign, OpenType, Desktop publishing, Color, QuarkXPress, 2016, Color space, Portable Document Format


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