ID Privacy Shield


ID Privacy Shield is one of the most efficient shielding programs available, guarantying you absolute privacy-protection in all taken actions, by making it impossible to recreate your PC tracks.

Eliminates action-evidence from the “Recent History” part of all Windows documents, and erases history of items that have been looked up through Star Menu Search/Run. It makes it impossible for someone else to find out the route of your actions, or to detect files that have been recently viewed.

Cleans up the “Temporary Files” directory in Windows, eliminates junk-files, deletes duplicated dll-s, and cleans the free space where deleted files have been. It so increases the performance of your PC and improves the usage of your disk memory, by allowing you to free up space on your computer, and make better use of it.

Eliminates all items from the Windows Recycle Bin, by permanent removal of selected files. It offers safety removal of files and folders you intended to irreversible delete, not allowing anybody else to recover those files, by completely cleaning the free space from your disk.

ID Privacy Shield deletes the names of the websites that have been viewed in the Internet Explorer Browser. It also deletes website history from the Internet Explorer Address Bar, and erases Internet Explorer Cache Files and the AutoComplete Memory.

Deletes entire list of keywords that have been looked-up through search engines. When using Google or Yahoo, previously searched items will no longer show-up in the current search bar.

Safely removes Internet Explorer Cookies, letting you keep, at the same time, the ones you want. ID Privacy Shield acts as a preference cookie-allowance tool, permitting them from authorized sites only, banding the others.

Extends cleaning features for a series of programs such as: ACDSee, Acrobat, KaZaA, ICQ, Messenger, Microsoft Office, and Media Player. By the use of free plug-ins, you can erase the tracks of these programs and you can adapt the plug-ins to your personal needs

ID Privacy Shield works as a privacy shield, eraser and cleaner, for the following Internet browsers: Microsoft IE, Netscape, AOL, and Opera.

ID Privacy Shield can automatically run when Windows starts. Managing its preferences, you can have it start at the moment Windows begins, or you can also start it manually at a later time. From the applications built in Startup Manger you can choose to disable or enable this feature.

Has a simple but sleek graphic interface and requires little space on you hardware. It runs fast and quietly with great efficiency, and has adaptable features and properties. At your choice, they can be password secured, and you can also store passwords in a secure database.

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