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Human Emulator is a ultimate Web Scripting Powerhouse. Our web automation complex is able to fill out the any forms, collect and store data, upload files etc. in auto mode without the user's actual involvement.
The software actions are performed without delays, the procedures that take a man hours to perform, Human Emulator will do in minutes. Advanced version of the program will do the work of a dozen people at one workplace! Multi-threaded technology can perform hundreds of actions on dozens of sites at once!
Basic functions:
– Useragent substitution at any moment of script operation.
– Support of proxies including socks 4, 4/5.
– Resources for FTP connection with all connected functions.
– Loading of various events – onclick, onkeydown ttc.
– Operation inside restricted site areas.
– Inbuilt proxychecker.
– Script planner able to load scripts at a prescribed time and desired times.
– Recognition and use of Ajax and JavaScript elements.
– Drag & Drop elements support.
– Various means of detection of required webpage element – number or partial attribute value.
– Creation of script template using user macros recorder.
– Flash support including image search by example.
– Full emulation of clicks and keyboard input without actual use of devices. That means that mouse clicks do not actually move the cursor. The program may be meanwhile minimized.
– Possibility to erase cache and cookies or replace it's folder.
 Human Emulator updates are issued on average once per months.
 Our developers take into account clients' wishes and comments working on new versions and updates.
 The customer support specialists will help you in familiarize yourself with the program and find appropriate methods of approach to complex websites and creation of scripts logic. When required support can be offered remotely via Team Viewer.
 Please contact us should you have and ideas or proposals.
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