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HS TFTP is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) over UDP/IP according to RFC 1350. HS TFTP includes integrated UDP/IP stack necessary to transport TFTP protocol and is ideal self-contained solution for embedded systems, which may not otherwise have its own UDP/IP layer. Current Version of HS TFTP supports Big-endian memory model only HS TFTP is supplied in a form of uncompiled ANSI C source code and would require minimal integration effort by the customer, assisted by Hillstone Software after sales support. The use of HS TFTP software library is royalty free. In detail, HS TFTP for Embedded Systems consists of the following components: * Tftp Application layer: provides user user interface to start HS TFTP server and or to initiate TFTP client send and receive operations * HS TFTP module: implements actual TFTP protocol processing. * HS UDP module: encapsulates TFTP protocol units and performs session multiplexing based on UDP ports * HS IP protocol module: provides Internet Protocol transport services for upper layer UDP module * ARP module provides IP address to MAC address mapping services to IP layer Hardware Requirements: * Target System must have physical ethernet interface * Target System memory model must be Big-endian * RAM requirements: With default number of contexts 10, approx 200 kilobytes of RAM is required in total. * Flash / ROM / Code size requirements: code size of HS TFTP depends on target platform and on used compiler. As an rough guide, when compiled for Power Quicc MPC860 architecture, the code size is approx 115 kilobytes Software Requirements: * HS TFTP uses the following standard C libraries: string.h; malloc.h; stdio.h; ctype.h The application layer initialises HS TFTP module, providing interface callbacks for the services used by HS TFTP protocol module: timer management, memory management, file operations and event callbacks. This architecture makes it easy to port HS TFTP protocol module to any environment. TFTP module handles all protocol information flow, error recovery, acknowledgements, timeouts and so on. When it is appropriate to send next block of data HS TFTP will get next memory block from user application. Similarly, when data has been received HS TFTP module will get the next block of memory from user application to store data into. At a lower layer HS TFTP interfaces to HS UDP module which provides UDP transport and session multiplexing services. In turn HS UDP talks to HS IP module which offers IP datagram transmission and reception service. HS IP calls HS ARP module to resolve IP address to MAC address and also communicates directly with Ethernet driver on target system

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