How To Date Latina Women 1 hour Interview With Talking To Women Expert Bobby Rio


A 1 hour Tele Conference (MP3) with Latina Wing Girl Karla where we discuss:
1. What Latina women find attractive and what turns them off completely
2. Mistakes men have made when approaching her
3. What makes her want to date a man or sleep with him
4. How to approach a group of girls in a public place and what not to do
5. Why a sense of humor can beat out looks every time

Summary: Karla, 1 hour

Concepts: Boy, Girl, Female, Woman, Women


  • /style and fashion/men ‘s fashion
  • /family and parenting/babies and toddlers
  • /society/sex

Tags: Wing Girl Karla, Latina women, Tele Conference, Mistakes men, public place, sleep, sense, MP3, want, man, humor, group, girls, timeSummary, hourConcepts, Boy, Female, Woman, WomenCategories, /style, fashion/men, fashion/family

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