Holiday Season Bundle

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This Bundle includes;

  • muvee Reveal Finale (12)
  • Christmas StylePack (3 different templates with music and video effects)
  • Holiday Blessings Premium Single Style
  • Winter Wonderland Single Style
  • photoFamily (3 different templates with music and video effects)
  • Essentials (3 different templates with music and video effects)

Summary: Winter Wonderland, Christmas

Concepts: Style, Christmas, Drowned World Tour, Christmas music, Christmas controversy, Oh L’amour, Confessions Tour


  • /style and fashion/men ‘s fashion
  • /art and entertainment/music
  • /business and industrial/business operations/business plans

Tags: different templates, video effects, muvee Reveal Finale, Winter Wonderland, Drowned World Tour, Single Style, industrial/business operations/business plans, Holiday Blessings, Confessions TourCategories, Christmas StylePack, Christmas controversy, Christmas music, Bundle, Essentials, photoFamily, Summary, ChristmasConcepts, /style, fashion/men

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