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Helicon Focus Pro The perfect  macro photography software  for the perfect depth of field  Many photographers know the problem of lacking  depth of field  in  macro photography . To solve this problem the object has to be photographed several times changing the focal length with each shot. The photographer ends up with a set of images each showing a different part of the macro object in focus. The  macro photography software  Helicon Focus then creates one single image with a maximum depth of field. In theory it would be possible to manually overlay all the individual images in a photoediting suite however the change of the focal length from one image to the next also distorts the perspective of the image making this technique almost impossible and very inaccurate. With the help of the special Helicon Focus technology you can balance out these differences and create  macro photography  images with fully scalable depths of field.  Helicon Focus Pro  macro photography software  that offers reliable and fast batch processing  Achieving your desired  depth of field  is easy with Helicon Focus Pro. Simply add all your individual images to your project and start the auto development process. This  macro photography software  can autocorrect the exposure of your individual images and  thanks to the integrated dust map  it can autoremove any stains or particles.  View your  macro photography  image as an animated 3D model  As soon as the depth of field of your new image has been calculated you can view your macro object in 3D  enjoying the full depth of field.  Helicon Focus Pro  macro photography software  that lets you take control  Thanks to the Helicon Remote feature you can fully automate the creation of individual images with this  macro photography software . The Helicon Remote feature changes the focus of each picture by automatically moving the lens by predefined steps and automatically photographing the relevant images. By editing an image series that has been created with this feature you can achieve an amazing depth of field. You can also set up Helicon Remote to automatically adjust ISO settings and therefore exposure values.   Macro photography  made easy autofocus correction for optimal depth of field  Helicon Remote is a  macro photography software  that not only offers you automatic focus and exposure bracketing features it can also correct the autofocus of your camera. The relevant correction values are calculated with the AFcalibrator which checks the difference between the phase detection based focus and the contrast based focus. The resulting value can be preset in many cameras allowing the autofocus to be more precise and allowing you to achieve the desired  depth of field .  Why Helicon Focus Pro is the perfect choice for  macro photography  lovers  Unlimited depth of field for micro and  macro photography   Offers maximum depth of field by combining several images with different focal points  Use an unlimited number of individual images for batch processing  Supports RAW 8bit and 16bit TIFF JPEG JPEG 2000 BMP etc.   Creates 8bit and 16bit TIFF JPEG JPEG 2000 BMP  Edit images with over 100 mega pixels  16bit color depth to ensure color fidelity  Helicon Remote feature for even more precise  macro photography   Command line interface  Retouch feature  Export 3D models to the Helicon 3D Image Viewer  Create 2D micropanoramas  This  macro photography software  supports 64bit

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