Haunted House 3D: The Evil Lies Within (updated)

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Haunted House 3D: The Evil Lies Within tells an ominous story of a haunted house at the foot of a hill where there are many odd, peculiar and unsettling things taking place night after night. This screensaver and wallpaper features dozens of scary sounds, many ghostlike animations and appearances throughout the scenes. Some scenes are scary to the point where the 3D screensaver and Wallpaper seems almost real and chilling.

Haunted House 3D has 6 eerie scenes, complete with ghostlike appearances of an odd little girl who seems to lurk about every night in this house. Ghosts, including zombies with weird and chilling growling noises have been witnessed in mirrors, on staircases, in the living rooms. There have even been rumours of voices whispering along with the spirit of the little girl crying out for help some nights. There are terrible and eerie sounds of monsters and evil childlike laughter, as well as ghouls that lurk in the neighbouring graveyard at nights. There are times when realistic human appearances walk around as doors slam and objects move, appear and disappear in rooms. Explore this haunted house on any night and turn up the volume on your speakers if you dare. You may not make it out alive!

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