Handy Clock for UIQ 3.0


The ‘for Symbian OS’ logo means Handy Clock for UIQ 3.0 by Epocware has been successfully tested in Symbian Signed. For more information visit www.symbiansigned.com.
Handy Clock software for Symbian UIQ 3.0 is powerful world clock and time management application. 7 main views let you make different things with your time:
Check time in five world cities at once with World clock view. It is very useful feature if you have colleagues, relatives or friends in different cities. Are they starting to work or going to bed? Don’t think – take a look on World clock.
Learn what part of the day is in the city you need with Day-night map. Your current city will be in the center of this map.
Essential thing for planning is calendar. Plan more efficiently with Handy Clock application for Symbian UIQ 3.0 smartphones. See two months at the moment with Calendar view.
Set up alarms on your smartphone and you will never miss any important thing or fixed time. Handy Clock software for Symbian UIQ 3.0 smartphones supports alarms for any case. You can set up once, next 24 hours, daily, weekly, and workdays alarms. If you need to do something within certain period of time you can set up timer. It is very useful during the test or for cooking.
Note the time with Stopwatch. It is the perfect tool for time management. Use it during preparing for presentation or competition. Fix your record in any place. You can note the time of a lap or the time of an interval.
Count your time with Time log view. If you have hourly earnings you know that time is money. You can track time spent working on different projects and different customers. Time log can track the project’s time even if Handy Clock is not running.
You can use this application during 7 days demo period. Then you will need to register. You can register on-line at our web site http://www.epocware.com or at its mobile optimized version http://mobile.epocware.com.
After a purchase you will get your serial number by e-mail and a link for downloading the full version of the application. Serial number consists of 2 groups of 8 digits, e.g. 12345678-12345678.
Install the full version over the trial one to keep all your data and settings. Enter the serial number at the first application start.
Languages supported:
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak.

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