Handy Backup Small Server

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Handy Backup Small Server is a backup software designed for Windows for small to medium business. Commonly, it is installed on a server or host machine, for database / business data backup.

What it backs up: files, folders, HDD images, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Oracle, DB2, Lotus Notes, and other server data.

Where it stores it: local and external hard drives, LAN, FTP, NAS, clouds, WebDaV + SFTP, FTPS and popular cloud services.

Some key features of Handy Backup Small Server:

  • Backup of all popular databases.

  • You may automate saving copies of any of your mission critical business apps data, including files and folders selected by name and/or extension masks.

  • Handy Backup is capable to save the perfect image of any server, physical or virtual. It supports any type of virtual server engine, including Hyper-V, VirtualBox and VMware.

  • Handy Backup can store data at any of popular cloud services such as Amazon S3, Google Drive or Dropbox, and the dedicated cloud storage HBdrive.

  • Any type of data can be copied without stopping other processes using these data, saving both the time and user efforts from unnecessary pauses.

  • Backup tasks can be tuned flexibly by scheduling these tasks, as well as supporting full, incremental and differential backup, rotating backup versions and other options.

Summary: cloud services, virtual server, SQL Server, Microsoft, Windows, Lotus Notes, Amazon, Google, Oracle

Concepts: Microsoft, Windows PowerShell, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, E-mail, Cloud computing, Backup, Hard disk drive


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