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Handy Backup Server Networ is an all-included server backup software that lets you control all enterprise backup and recovery workflows from a single control point.

The utility manages automatic backup of Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IDM DB2, and any ODBC-compatible databases.

The variety of presented storage options includes local and network drives, optical disks (backup to DVD, Blu-ray, etc.), remote FTP locations, secure SFTP servers, secure Handy Backup cloud. Hot database backup is featured (backing up in a service interruption-free mode).

  • With Handy Backup Server Network, you can control backups of all workstations and servers, both physical and virtual, from a single control point. At any time, you can add more Network Agents – the solution grows with your needs!

  • You can quickly roll back to a snapshot in the past, or recover any individual object of any workstation or server, without physically attending it. This is critical for any business plan.

  • Handy Backup Server Network is a set-and-forget solution: once set up, it does everything automatically. Control options include detailed logs, command-line client, e-mail notifications, and much more.


Handy Backup Server Network, Workstation Agents and Server Agents can be used underWindows Server 2012/2008/2008 R2/2003 and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP operating systems.Workstation Agents can be used under Linux OS.


Summary: SQL Server, Microsoft, Blu-ray, Oracle, Windows, Linux

Concepts: Microsoft, Windows PowerShell, Backup, E-mail, Backup software, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, Microsoft Exchange Server


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