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Handy Backup Professional an ideal solution for advanced users and office users. It has a very comprehensible, Wizard-driven interface, and can serve users of any computer expertise.

This software lets you create disk images, back up databases, and take advantage of a range of security and control options.

What it backs up: user files/folders, NAS data, popular apps (Outlook, Quickbooks, etc.) + complete disk image backup

Where it stores it: local and external hard drives, LAN, FTP, clouds, WebDaV, SFTP, FTPS, Amazon S3, and other places.

Some key features of Handy Backup Professional:

  • Handy Backup supports three different types of backup: full, incremental and differential backup, as wel as mirroring data.

  • Flexible and powerful task scheduler allows programming backup tasks for automatic execution on a regular basis.

  • Backup with ZIP compression allows users to compress the data before backup and save storage space.

  • System Recovery allows backing up the entire hard drive of a given computer, including the operating system, and restoring the computer to a working state after hard drive crashes or system failures.

  • Hard Disk Cloning restoring hard drive image backup to location different than the original is an effective way to clone hard drive or partition.

  • Running tasks as Windows service allows users to schedule backup and set all options once, and then have backup processes executed in time even if no user logged in.

Summary: disk image, operating system, Amazon, Windows

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