GrooveIT! Suite - Professional Edition


Enterprise-ready collaboration applications that integrate with Microsoft Office Groove 2007 and the 2007 Microsoft Office System.

GrooveIT! Suite – Professional Edition – includes GrooveIT! for Microsoft Office Outlook, GrooveIT! for My Calendars and GrooveIT! for My Documents.
for Microsoft Office Outlook for My Documents for My Calendars
Send all your Office Outlook information to Microsoft Office Groove 2007. Search for, find and publish your documents to Microsoft Office Groove 2007. A single place to manage all your Microsoft Office Outlook and Groove calendars.

GrooveIT! Suite – Professional Edition – essentials

The unique link between Microsoft Office Outlook and Groove 2007
With one click, import emails, events, tasks, contacts or RSS feeds from Microsoft Office Outlook to your Groove workspaces.
Use GrooveIT! rules to automate publication to Groove.
And for a perfect visibility, update events, tasks or contacts in Microsoft Office Groove when modified in Outlook.

Explore, View, Publish all documents to Microsoft Office Groove 2007
With the advanced search feature, enter your keywords and find your document immediately.
Makes it fast and easy to import documents-one or many, and from any source-directly into Microsoft Office Groove. Grab files from Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office SharePoint, or elsewhere and publish them with one click into your shared Groove workspace.
And for even more efficiency, create your documents in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint and save them directly into Microsoft Office Groove.

A unique view to manage all Groove and Outlook Calendars
Creates a single place for you to manage all your Microsoft Office Outlook and Groove calendars, giving you an all-up view of your schedule and allowing you to easily coordinate your time across multiple teams.
Filter your events, use different colors to better distinguish between events and link your contacts to events.
And for even more efficiency, receive alerts about upcoming events and manage recurrent events.

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