Grid Font Shapes Truetype TTF & EPS for Indesign & CorelDRAW & PSP & Pages Tables V147


Grid Font Shapes Truetype & EPS Indesign & CorelDRAW & PSP & Pages Tables V147

Grid font set from
100 Grid shapes – Font set include true type font and EPS shapes, for PC and MAC Photoshop, Word, Indesign, Illustrator, Apple Pages, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro

Many different grid designs are included in the set. All the grid shapes are vectors for any size of work. They can be used in countless applications. The grid font designs are accessed via the keyboard as you would with any font. The eps designs are all accessible via the file open command of many applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc

The grid shapes are License: commercial use (and personal), royalty-free – many wonderful designs, use the designs to create items for sale such as logos, books, ceramics, posters, phone casings, tiles, brush strokes and much more. All the grid shapes are by (Andrew Buckle).

If you have any questions about the grid shapes / font set, please contact us on [email protected]

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