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With GOM Cam you can record what you see on your PC screen exactly as it appears. You can also record all audio outputs from your PC as well. This allows you to create more dynamic videos. You can also capture images and customize your capture by drawing on the screen while recording.

A great feature of GOM Cam is that it is a life-time long product once you purchase a license, and minor updates for the purchased version are offered for free.

By connecting a webcam to your PC, you can record everything captured through your device. If you connect multiple webcams, you can merge the images into one video. GOM Cam also allows you to fill the video background with any images you want by using the chroma key function.

Key Features include:

  • Easy to use:The intuitive UI allows anyone to use GOM Cam easily. GOM Cam saves you time and effort by helping you get straight to recording what you want.
  • Easy sharing: Share your videos on YouTube or Facebook, so more of your friends can enjoy your creations. You can also upload your videos to Google Drive or attach your files to emails and documents.
  • Record in real-time: Record everything in real-time. All of the functions, including drawing, enlarging/reducing the recording screen, and the effects settings, are executed in real-time.

Overall, GOM Cam is a great tool with various uses and capabilities. You can capture images, during recording mode, draw on videos, zoom in/out, schedule recordings, and manage effects. It is lightweight, and consumes minimal system resources.

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