Gnostice StarDocs On-Premises - 5000-User License


Gnostice STARDocs is a scalable, fault-tolerant document server. It is the central go-to place for all kinds of electronic document-processing work. STARDocs includes a web application that frees end-users from the need to have format-specific software to merge, split, redact, convert, edit, and sign documents – all they need is a network connection and a HTML5 browser.

STARDocs provides a REST-based API that developers can use to add document-processing functions to a variety of software applications. As the REST API is platform agnostic, developers can write software on a wide variety of platforms – from desktop to mobile devices to Web services in any development language. To get them started quickly, STARDocs bundles native SDKs for .NET, Delphi and Java. STARDocs document server has load-balancing built-in and is designed to be scalable across enterprise Intranets and the Internet. STARDocs is available as packaged software for on-premise hosting and also as a subscription-based cloud service.

STARDocs includes the following components out of the box:
End-user Web application for document-processing
Platform-independent REST-based document-processing API server
Native SDK for the REST API – .NET, Java, Delphi/C++Builder…
Admin console for server infrastructure management, monitoring and reporting

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